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FreshPortal is software for the horticulture industry. FreshPortal is an easy and secure online “Cloud based” information and management system.

The software system ensures that the logistical, administrative and financial processes are handled automatically. The software for growers and buyers giving you the opportunity to connect your stock LIVE with your customers and the upcoming online trading systems that are used by the flower trade. FreshPortal is available in 8 languages​​.

“IT as a driver of change”

With the access of technological developments, the chain is becoming more complex and more accessible for all parties. The wide variety of commercial relationships and contact moments between the grower and the buyer brings more dynamics in the trade and distribution of products. To continue with cost reduction, increase quality and be sustainable, it is necessary that the grower and the buyer manage an effective flow of goods and transactions. FreshPortal offers a solution for all growers and buyers in the world.

“Technology that organizations anywhere, anytime, regardless of the medium or device bring in contact with users.”

FreshPortal is growing business, this year the first 60 trading companies in Europe and 20 growers in Ecuador, Kenya and the Netherlands are working with FreshPortal software. If you are a grower, broker or buyer that want your Excel program professionalize or replace existing software and looking for a simple and affordable solution, please contact FreshPortal.

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Freshportal Software B.V.

The future of floriculture is promising but will change significantly partly due to the emergence of technological developments. This offers opportunities for Freshportal and its customers.

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