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The sales process according to the Cash & Carry method distinguishes itself from the normal sales process in many respects. Besides the individual method of working, a C & C often makes use of Handterminals, also referred to as PDAs.

FreshPortal provides for a comprehensive solution for your Cash & Carry. A brief description of the process;

You determine the sales price after your supplier, by means of EKT messages, has entered your flower stocks into your FreshPortal system. Once your stocks have actually arrived, you can then label the products with a sticker. A commonly used method is printing a large sticker that is stuck onto the cask, in combination with smaller stickers that are intended for units (bunches or individual pots). But the web-based principle of FreshPortal also renders it possible to have the sticker process take place at your Dutch supplier. You price the products and your Dutch supplier takes some work off your hands prior to shipping.

The sales process can begin as soon as your stocks, labelled with stickers, are displayed at your sales location. You connect to FreshPortal via a wireless connection using the PDAs referred to above; you select the client in the display and you then scan the products that your client has collected. The invoice or packing note is then printed following inspection.

The sales of hardware, vases, pots, et cetera, can also be incorporated in/into the sales process by means of scanning or manual selection.

The FPS Cash & Carry module also allows you to inspect the stocks and make any necessary adjustments. And so selecting flowers from the wrong lots is now a thing of the past! Generating credit norms and collecting packaging charges is also a possibility, of course, as is the re-pricing of products that you have had in stock for a while. All of this from your Handterminal. But, of course, the entire sales process can also take place at a regular (cash point) workstation.

FreshPortal Software offers yet another novelty, the FPS handterminal/PDA hardware.

Naturally, FreshPortal can see to the delivery and installation of the PDAs, offering a total solution to its foreign clients in the Cash & Carry segment.


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