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The FPS grower system provides a complete solution for a grower from production to sales to auctions or directly to end customers. With the FPS grower system you can follow the expected production, scanning at postharvest and providing barcode per bunch include tailor made packaging for an end customer.

FPS grower system giving the grower the opportunity to connect your stock LIVE with your customers or prospects and the upcoming online trading systems that are used by the flower trade. It is possible to offer customer-oriented supply with price differentiation. In addition, there is a full control over the stock with the aid of the stock control. Based on the customer orders are generated packing list and the boxes can be optionally equipped with barcodes grower or the end customer.

In addition, the grower has the ability to make use of foreign currencies and is given insight into the transport and loading costs which the grower can follow his result per shipment.


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The future of floriculture is promising but will change significantly partly due to the emergence of technological developments. This offers opportunities for Freshportal and its customers.

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